Monday, September 21, 2009



Much has been said about Key Performance Index (KPI) nowadays. When Datuk Sri Najib took the baton of running this country from Pak Lah, among the elements of transformation that he introduced is that the government sectors’ efficiency under his rule shall and must be measured by KPI standard.

Datuk Sri Najib is very serious in carrying this KPI idea. He even persisted that every sectors should have their own KPI and must be seen to perform according to their KPI standard. According to him, only this way people may gauge the effectiveness and the efficiency of an organization irrespective whether it is governmental or non governmental body.

Recently, Datuk Sri Najib in his officiating speech during the MIC General Assembly spoke about KPI in a political organization. He threw an open challenge to the MIC leaders and delegates that MIC should have its own KPI and he clearly stated that MIC’s KPI is to win back the support of the Indian community to the MIC and in general to the BN.

“To meet this challenge is not as easy as it may sound” said a political observer. .A lot of Indian people expected change in the MIC but the recent party’s election result put these expectations into the drain”, he commented referring to the latest political development in the MIC.

Making it more challenging to the MIC, the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhydin Yassin puts the MIC to task by saying MIC must deliver the Indian votes for the BN candidate in the coming Bye- Election in N31 Bagan Pinang constituency.


Demographically speaking, N31 BAGAN PINANG constituency has 8 polling centres namely Atherton estate(132/31/01), Pekan Siliau (132/31/02), Bradwall estate (132/31/03),Sua Betong (132/31/ 04 ), Taman Eastern (132/31/05), Kg Bagan Pinang(132/31/06), Si Rusa (132/32/07) and Telok Kemang (132/31/08).

Indian voters are the second largest segment of the registered voters of Bagan Pinang constituency. They made up the 20% of the registered voters of Bagan Pinang. In fact they are the majority voters in 4 out of 8 polling centres in Bagan Pinang namely Atherton estate, Pekan Siliau, Bradwall and Sua Betong. In 2004 General Election (GE) BN had a clean sweep at all 4 Polling Centres but in 2008 GE, BN lost at 3 out of 4 of the above said Polling Centres. This is an indication that voting for the opposition is not something out of the ordinary for the Indian voters.

In the coming Bye Election of Bagan Pinang constituency, it is going to be the UMNO versus PAS fight. Split in Malay votes would be inevitable. In such event , Indian and Chinese votes shall come as a great help to both opposing parties. If the Indian voters' votes go to the BN, BN may retain Bagan Pinang seat with a higher majority but if they vote for the opposition, the opposition may have the chance in wining Bagan Pinang seat or if at all the opposition lose, the opposition will lose by a smaller margin. In other words, the swing of non Malay votes would give a tight slapping on BN’s reputation. As a component member of the BN, apparently the MIC is under the duty to ensure that the Indian votes go to the BN.

MIC should approach the Indian voters in Bagan Pinang by using a whole new approach. DAP and PKR are instilling hatred among the Indian voters against UMNO through the “stepping the cow’s head” campaign issue. Can the MIC counter and rationalize such issue effectively?

No doubt it is an uphill task for the MIC. Admittedly, the MIC would encounter difficulties in meeting its KPI requirement in Bagan Pinang. However, looking on the bright side, it is not "Mission Impossible". If they work hard they will succeed. The MIC cannot afford to work only within the shadow of UMNO anymore. They must step forward and work hand in hand with UMNO to ensure success in Bagan Pinang.